How To Improve Your Vision – Bates Method

how-to-improve-vision-200x200Dr. William Bates was an optometrist who actually invested years enlightening himself on exactly what can trigger usual vision troubles. He was a graduate from Cornell University and ended up being a teacher of ophthalmology and analyst in the area around the New York location. Bates succeeded in developing lots of vision treatments, and he concluded that everybody can see without the help of synthetic, restorative lenses. His strategies were developed in order to train the eyes in enhancing and recovering themselves normally.

Dr. Bates concluded that most of bad practices and vision problems start in school kids. Kids unquestionably tend to be curious, and constantly wish to discover brand-new things. When things are regularly and extremely tossed at them, they are asked to save loads of uninteresting details in their little minds that the brain tiredness and their eyes take on tension.

By the exact same token, unfamiliar and brand-new things trigger the eyes to stress so that we can keep them in our memory. With each passing day, youngsters take in brand-new challenge concentrate on. Youngsters are not offered the alternative to let their eyes rest. This is precisely where Bates’ Method can be found in to play.

Bates’ Method is simple and extremely useful. Bates made a huge plan which included the most usual shapes and letters. He positioned this graph on a wall in the front of a class. He then advised the kids to take a look at the graph whenever they felt they were taking in too much or felt stressed. Bates ultimately discovered that by simply taking a look at this graph for just 3 minutes each day, eye pressure ended up being missing from the eyes.

The Bates Method was used in numerous New York location schools. Educators started to see a significant enhancement in concerns to the youngsters’s concentration level and scholastic progression. This is since taking a look at the plan triggered their eyes to be at rest, triggering all eye stress to disappear.

The Bates Method is not simply for kids; it can be utilized by anybody at any age. If you would such as, you can make your very own eye graph like Bates’, and hang it in your workplace. Look straight at the card a number of times daily, just to ensure your eyes are at rest, lowering your levels of eye pressure. Knowing ways to train your eyes to unwind undoubtedly will assist you in enhancing your vision normally – beginning now, and for the rest of your future.

The Bates Method has actually been expounded upon and upgraded, due to brand-new study and technological innovation, and is now offered in a program called Vision Without Glasses.

Peak 8 HIIT Training

HIIT comes from the words High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a special form of excersise in which you alternate between intense workout periods and slower recovery periods. The idea is that high intensity intervals are performed near the maximum performance and recovery intervals are done at about 50% of the maximum.

Peak 8 is a HIIT program amde famous by Dr.Mercola. The ide behind Peak 8 is to quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for short periods, and have a cooling down period in between.

According to Dr. Mercola, this kind ofg interval training is the the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body.

For more information about Peak 8 training I suggest that you check following videos.




Introduction to Fitbit

fitbit-tracking-200x200What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a tracking tool which measures your activity and sleep pattern. Fitbit keeps working day and night. It keeps a log of each and every one of your steps during the day. It measures the total distance of your travels based upon the number of your daily steps, including stairs climbed. It provides you with the amount of calories burned as well. You can log your daily food intake and weight utilizing the Fitbit website or apps. It will also work with other fitness apps, such as Lose It!, Map My Fitness, Endomondo, and more. Fitbit allows you to stay on top of your health, with the ability to connect wirelessly to your computer or mobile gadgets. You can set goals and monitor your progress over a period of time. Fitbit rewards you with badges for reaching each goal. You can share your progress, as well as compete with your friends throughout the day with the wireless feature. You can sync your stats to your computer and other devices. When you shut down for the day, the Fitbit continues to measure your sleep cycle. It monitors how long and how well you sleep. With a silent alarm, it wakes you up in the morning. Fitbit is sweat, rain and splash proof.

Fitbit Products

There’ss a variety of Fitbits to choose from. The Fitbit family consists of the Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip and Fitbit Ultra. A Fitbit is rather affordable. The Fitbit Zip is 59.95, while the others are 99.95. The Fitbit includes One Tracker, a matching clip, USB dongle, a charging cable, and sleep wristband. Fitbit comes with a rechargeable battery for added convenience. It will sync automatically to most mobile devices. If your device does not sync automatically, you can still use the Fitbit app by setting it up manually from a personal computer.

Who is it For?

Fitbit is for anyone looking to take charge of their health. Fitbit allows you to be healthier and have fun. Male and female alike will benefit from Fitbit. It comes in different colors for personalization. Fitbit is a good fit for all lifestyles. Whether you are working full time, a college student, retiree or a stay at home mother, Fitbit will keep you abreast of your activity. The ability to keep track of your activity and sleep patterns can add years to your life.fitbit

Getting Started

To get started, you can purchase Fitbit online at You can also purchase Fitbit at many national retailers, such as Target, Best Buy or Staples. However you choose to purchase the Fitbit, once it arrives set up is quick and easy. You can visit to download free software to link your device to Fitbit. You can actually try Fitbit out before getting a device by setting up an account on the Fitbit website.

Trail Camera Buying Tips

wildview-tk40-200x200Choosing which trail camera to purchase can be tricky. There are so many options out there. It is important to remember though that the basis for the buying decision needss to be the intended use of the camera.

Would you like to use your camera to discover the types of animals on your property? Or are you planning to use your camera to track wild animals movement? Or do you have an animal feeder set up that you plan to monitor? Maybe you want to keep an eye on your property with your camera?

Every option stated above set specific requirements for the camera. It’s normal that especially more affordable trail cameras excel in one area but under perform in another.

Important features to check before making a buying decision include:

  • photo quality
  • flash type and range
  • detection sensor
  • trigger speed and recovery time
  • battery life

Picture Quality

Countless game cameras are marketed with high megapixels although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee superior quality photos. Typical resolutions in trail cameras range between 4 and 8 megapixel. Best method to determine picture quality of the camera is always to look for sample pictures. You can easily find example photos from various trail camera review sites, from, from manufacturer’s web sites, from a variety of hunting associated forums and so forth.

Flash Type and Reach

Trail cameras are built either with normal flash units or with Infrared flash units.  Basically, if you are likely to utilize your trail camera for scouting, hunting or for surveillance purposes the Infrared flash needs to be your ideal option. But if you are after superior quality pictures also during night, and you don’t care poorer battery lifetime and spooking the wild animals, then you should consider normal flash option.

Detection Sensor

Detection sensor on the camera determines the detection area of the camera and defines how many images you will capture.  As the detection sensor detects movement or heat in detection area it tells the camera to take a picture. Therefore larger the detection area, the more images you’ll get.

Very narrow detection angle means that the creature must be straight in front of the camera for camera to take a photo. Cameras with wide detection angle are going to capture images of creatures that cross anywhere in the field of view of the game camera. They are in addition capable to catch fast moving animals.

Trigger Speed and Recovery time

Trigger speed is the time that it takes for the camera to catch picture once it has detected activity. Trail camera trigger speeds generally vary from 0.1 seconds to 4 seconds. If you’re planning to utilize your camera to shoot quickly moving wild animals, then having a fast trigger is vital.

Recovery time is the least recognized and mentioned features in game cameras. Recovery time is the time that it requires a camera to capture a shot, store the image to memory card, and be all set for the next shot. Trail cameras with long recovery time can work really well on a feeder but not necessarily on rapidly moving game trail.

Battery life

These days best part of trail cameras are powered by either C-cell batteries or AA batteries. The advantage of C-cell batteries is that they possess higher capacity than AA batteries. The draw back of C-cells is that cold weather impacts them and battery life is easily cut in half in freezing temps.

Benefit of AA batteries is that one can use rechargeable Lithium or Nimh batteries. This will save you money in the long run. Lithium and Nimh batteries also are typically unaffected by freezing weather conditions.

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L-Tyrosine for Anxiety

l-tyrosine-200x200L-tyrosine is a main component for building dopamine, the pleasure hormone of the brain. It eases anxiety by lowering the sensitivity to glutamate, which causes the brain to be overstimulated, overwhelmed and over excited. Once levels of glutamate are reduced, anxiety lessens.

As an antecedent to epinephrine and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters that are released to help the body deal with stress, the increased levels may help to cope with anxiety triggering situations. It may also suppress or lower the fight-or-flight response giving more time to focus on employing relaxation methods as opposed to immediate reaction to stressful circumstances.

By playing a key role in the development of neurotransmitters and hormones that keep the mind focused and help with mood, the benefits for anxiety are increased. A better mood is associated with a lowered state of anxiety. This is especially true in women due to hormone fluctuations that raise anxiety levels. Supplementing can raise the function of adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands and help balance hormones, which in turn helps to relieve hormone related anxiety.

It has been proven that when taken with other supplements, this treatment is more effective. For example, 5-HTP works in a similar way, but triggers the production of serotonin. This chemical is responsible for feelings of general happiness and well-being. It also helps regulate mood, and sleep patterns. Together with L-Tyrosine, the chances of treating anxiety are increased.

Other supplements that may help when taken during treatment are Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. B6 helps the body produce essential neurotransmitters like Serotonin and therefore, helps to elevate mood and lower stress hormones that cause anxiety or fight-or-flight responses. B12 is known to boost other B vitamins effects and supports the body’s nervous system. This makes it a good choice for including in the treatment plan. Folic acid is another B vitamin that is essential for reducing anxiety and depression and is an excellent choice to work in conjunction with B6 and B12.

 Some of the possible side effects are:

– Increased blood pressure in those taking MAOIs

– Joint Pain

– Nausea

– Heartburn

– Headache

– Fatigue

L-Tyrosine should not be taken by those who are on thyroid medications, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Those taking levodopa should not use this anxiety treatment due to the decreased absorption of the drug. People who are prone to migraines should not use this treatment. Children are more sensitive to supplements and there is no information that states whether or not it is safe for minors. Speak to your doctor before using this treatment for a child.

The typical dosage is 100mg to 500mg. It is recommended that treatment is started at the lowest dosage and slowly increased until the right dosage is found. Too high a dose can cause increased anxiety, rapid heartbeat and feelings of restlessness. For this reason, starting small and increasing slowly is the best idea.

For more information how to cure mood disorders with amino acid supplements, check out The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.

Ambit2 S and Ambit2 – new generation GPS watches by Suunto

Suunto Ambit GPS WatchesSuunto has released two new second generation Ambit outdoor GPS watches, Ambit2 S and the Ambit2. These new models were created especially to meet the needs of perfomance sports oriented users. The new Ambit models are lighter and slimmer than Suunto’s previous GPS watch models with more sport specific features and less focus on outdoor functionality.

Ambit2 S The Choice of The Athletes

The new Ambit2 S GPS watch is made for multisport athletes and it includes all the features needed for cycling, running, swimming and multisport training. Ambit2 S has a light and sleek design and it provides accurate pace, route navigation and tracking, not to forget heart rate monitor that alows you train within your ideal zone.

For cyclists. Suunto Ambit2 S supports power meters and offers multiple power measurement values as well as options for in-depth analysis.

For swimmers. Ambit2 S includes swimming pace and distance measuring, pool length related swimming time, automatic intervals and stroke rate. Ambit2 S also recognizes your swimming style, making performance analysis easier.

For runners. Accurate pace and distance thanks to FusedSpeed, the Ambit’s accelerometer integrated GPS, and interval timer together with autolaps for training give benefit for all runners out there.

For multisport trainers. Users can easily switch between sports, making the Suunto Ambit2 S ideal for recording your multisport training or race.


Ambit2 For Explorers and Athletes

Ambit2 is the successor of the award-winning Suunto Ambit. It includes all the important outdoor functions like route navigation, barometric information, altimeter with FusedAltiTM, 3D compass and other outdoor specific features. Ambit2 also includes all the training features of the Ambit2 S.

Ambit2 is packed in a glass fiber reinforced casing and has a battery life of up to 50 hours in GPS mode. Ambit2 is the ultimate watch choice for serious adventurers, explorers and multisport athletes. Ambit2 is also available as the Sapphire edition featuring a brushed steel bezel and sapphire crystal glass.


Tulsi – Amazing Stress Reliever

tulsi_plant-200x200Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) – The Queen of Herbs is the most sacred herb in India. Also known as Holy Basil or Tulasi, this miraculous plant has been known and worshipped for more than 5000 years for its incredible healing properties for body, mind and spirit. Even today it is grown and worshipped in many family or home gardens in India.

Shortly said, Tulsi is a potent antioxidant, immune-modulator and a powerful adaptogen. The chemistry of Tulsi is highly complex and unique containing hundreds of beneficial compounds known as phyto-chemicals. These compounds work together and possess strong antioxidant antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic and immune boosting properties. These properties support and promote general health and enhance body’s natural defense mechanism against stress and diseases.

The leaves of Tulsi are exceptionally rich source of phyto-chemicals because of the essential oils in them. In Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic health system teas made out of Tulsi leaves and tulsi extracts are used as medicine for colds, headaches, inflammation, heart disease and malaria. Scientific studies made on Tulsi indicate that Tulsi has several benefits:

  • stress relief
  • adaptogen
  • boosts immunity
  • enhances stamina
  • supports during cold season
  • promotes healthy metabolism
  • immuno-modulator

Tulsi is generally considered to be safe for most people even in a long term daily use. However one must remember that not every herb is right for every body. Therefore it is wise to listen to your body when you start using Tulsi and see if Tulsi is the right herb for you. If you have any concerns, you should consult your primary health care provider.

Hawk T100 – A Sports Watch Made to Last

hawkt100-200x200Nite International is a privately owned British company  that designs, manufactures and retails its own brand of sports watches. Nite has developed into one of the world’s most respected and trusted online watch brands with a well earned reputation for superb products, excellent customer service and a firm commitment to long term customer care.

Hawk T100 from Nite International is a superlight, tough enough for anything, sports watch. Weighting only 64 grams, Hawk T100 is comfortable to wear, the silicon strap providing extra comfort and support on the wrist. Hawk T100 comes with sturdy K1 mineral glass with a triple layer of anti-reflective coating in the inner surface, to ensure superb visibility in all conditions.

All Nite watches are equipped with self powered illumination system known as GTLS. GTLS enables you to clearly see the time on your watch at any time of the day or night, in any condition, without the use of battery power or charging by sunlight. GTLS in Nite watches are Swiss made and with a life span of up to 25 years they are the most reliable form of illumination available in watch making today. Hawk T100 has 16 illumination points that provide brightness and reliability beyond any other watch on the market.

All Nite watches are have Swiss Ronda movements to guarantee the reliability, durability and accuracy. Ronda movements are fitted with Silver Oxide batteries, prividing nearly 4 years of service.

Specifications of Hawk T100

  • Case – Black PolycarbonateGTLS-200x200
  • Strap – Silicon rubber
  • Crystal – K1 Mineral
  • GTLS – Hands, Dial and Bezel
  • MBS – No
  • Movement – Swiss Ronda 515
  • Crown Type – Push In
  • Dial Diameter – 33 mm
  • Case Diameter – 51mm
  • Weight – 64grams/2.6 oz
  • Water resistance – 660 ft
  • Battery life – 45 months
  • Price – approx $395

You can buy your Hawk T100 directly from

Check the video review below for more detailed info


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